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谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行

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Changing a hairstyle can be a tricky process, but some people master it very well, like The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, for instance. From her signature long, blond hair to super-short pixie cut and to the recent bob style, she makes transitioning between different hairstyles look easy.


谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行

With summer on its way, a short haircut is a good option for a change. If you want to give it a try but don’t know where to start, get some inspiration from the following trendy short hairstyles this season. 夏天就要到了,想要改变形象?短发是个不错的选择哦!如果你想尝试短发,却又不知从何下手,就从以下这些本季潮流短发发型中寻找灵感吧!

Bob cut

This is definitely a classic hairstyle and the bob never goes out of fashion. Many styles are derived from it constantly. The classic bob ends just below the chin. The asymmetric bob can add volume to your hair and create an illusion of fuller, bouncier hair.

谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行 第2张

This season, two bob styles are popular. One is the messy and unstructured bob, which ends at the chin or just below it. The other is the “demi-bob”, a new name for the long bob popularized by Vogue magazine. This style falls anywhere to between mid-neck and shoulder length.
In general, anyone with a nice jawline and neck will look good in a bob. But for those with a round face, it’s better to choose longer bobs.
Pixie cut

With short hair at the back but a little more length at the front, this style is almost like a boy cut with spiky hair at the front for different styling. Originated from well-known British actress Audrey Hepburn, it was popularized by American actress Mia Farrow in the 1960s.
The traditional pixie cut is short all over, but the modern ones tend to be choppy and texturized.

谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行 第3张

As for face types, it suits women with heart-shaped, square or oval faces. It’s also suitable for round faces, but remember to keep the bangs long and style them forward or up to create the illusion of length.
Modernized shag

When it comes to the shag, you may think of rocker girls with messy, choppy ends and lots of layers around the crown. Well, that’s the shag of the past.

谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行 第4张

Today, the modern shag hairstyle is not quite as layered as before. American singer Dianna Agron and model Karlie Kloss both give us a great example of the modern shag hairstyle. The unisex look, ease of styling and creative variations have ensured its lasting popularity.
A shaggy haircut creates a nice frame for all face types. It usually draws attention to the forehead, with a strong emphasis on the front of the face. Using salt spray or texturizing spray and scrunching your hair can help create a better look.

You may be impressed by US singer Miley Cyrus’ haircut that reminds us of a rooster’s comb. Well, that’s what a pompadour looks like. This hairstyle is named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, who wore her hair swept high up off the face. Also known as the quiff or the faux hawk, it is a hot trend from 2013 that features shaved sides and a puffy teased top.
美国女歌手麦莉·赛勒斯的“鸡冠头”可能让你印象深刻。庞毕度发型就是如此。这种发型以法国国王路易十五的宠妃庞毕度夫人命名,又名“向后梳鬈发发型”或 “仿莫霍克发型”。该发型的主要特点是两边头发剃掉,头顶中间留下一窄条头发,然后将这些头发向上竖起。2013年这款发型甚为流行。

谁说短发就一定是女汉子 今夏短发正流行 第5张

To try this hairstyle, you need some coverage. This cut is “more about attitude than your face shape”, according to well-known US stylist Matt Fugate.